Get Off Your High Horse: Stop Spiritual Bullying


I'm an unabashed woo-woo spiritual person, but the one thing I can't stand is spiritual bullying.

These are the people who are holier than thou. They tell you how you're not being spiritual enough. They wield the word "karma" like an Inquisition cross. More subtly, they brag about their above-ness to it all. And if you happen to feel sad, hurt, or - god forbid - the mortal sin of anger, you're clearly not as spiritually evolved.

Get off your high horse.

Not only is it obnoxious, but it's just another way to make ego-talk okay. It's ego that drives bullies to put their gaze outward instead of in. 

If you're the one on the spiritual high horse, stop it. Stop "coaching." Unless someone signed a contract and paid you or expressly asked you for advice, just don't.

Don't hide it under goodwill, or trying to be helpful. Instead, turn around and ask yourself why you need to be such a know-it-all.

Hurts when you have to question yourself, doesn't it?

If you're a victim of spiritual bullying, know this:

Anger doesn't make you unspiritual. (In fact, honoring anger is the most spiritual practice you can cultivate.)

Having a fit, yelling, expressing yourself however the hell you want doesn't make you unspiritual.

Even violence doesn't make you unspiritual. There's a place for everything in nature.

What makes you unspiritual is spending so much time "teaching" others that you're blind to your own ego.

I've encountered the spiritual police before and the best way to deal is to not respond or leave the situation. Let them ride their horse of know-it-all-ism somewhere else. You keep doing you.

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