3 Ways Asians Got Dating Right

Sequel to 3 Ways Asians Got Marriage Right 

Asian Pacific Heritage Month continues with another #slanteyesforthewin on how we rock our dating.


3 Ways Asians Got Dating Right

1) Commit Immediately

When I was teaching SAT class to Asian teens, the boys would ask for dating tips.

"What's the most romantic thing your boyfriend did?"

"He asked me to move in with him on our second date," I said.

If there's one thing Asians dislike wasting more than food, it's time. I've never had to play the "Am I his girlfriend?" game with Asians. That's 7th grade shit. If we like each other, we're on. I meet his parents the next weekend. Now we get to build a life together instead of wondering if he'll call for another date. For god's sake, I've got a business to run.

Why You Need To Learn From This:

Let's get real - you know what kind of person you like to be around. If you don't like somebody, stop lying to yourself. .

2) Date to Marry and Avoid Players

This is the corollary to #1. Guess what happens when you sleep with an Asian guy?

He calls you his girlfriend the next day.

Guess what happens when you sleep with a white guy? 

What white guy?

Yeah. He disappears like the white ghost he is.

Asian guys have something called responsibility. They don't spend all their time trying to get laid and then figuring out how to not call after. They have better things to do with their lives. Shit, those math problems aren't going to solve themselves.

Why You Need To Learn From This:

I wish I had a magic formula for you non-Asian daters to figure out which guys are Asian-like and which are white ghosts. But I really don't. 

You just gotta get your men to stop acting like assholes.

In the meantime, stop sleeping with them. If he seems like a player, he is. If he acts shady and dodgy, he is. If he talks more than acts, he's a white ghost. #stopsleepingwithwhiteghosts

3) Don't Fuck, I Mean Date Everyone in Town

This is the illegitimate child of #2. The reason Asian guys retain their natural sense of attachment after sex is because they recognize it for the intimate, private act it is and don't go putting their penis in every open hole. Playing the Numbers game with an Asian guy will never make you wonder if you need a syphilis test. 

Why You Need To Learn From This:

We could discuss sociological trends on the breakdown of community in America, or I could expound on the cultural barriers that Asian men face regarding sexytime, but you know I left my Harvard theory days behind.

All I'm saying is there remains a class of gentlemen out there and that's who you should be dating, Asian or not. If a guy is into hooking up or has hook-up buddies, this is NOT the boyfriend you're looking for. And if you're still into hooking up, maybe YOU'RE not the girlfriend he wants either.

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