What Surrender Really Looks Like


I told you last time how surrendering can give you everything you want

But the road is the ugliest you may ever walk.

Are you ready?

Can you stand straight as the love of your life packs his bags - and tell him "I love you" before he walks out your door because those are the last words you always want to say to him?

Can you hear your soulmate tell you it takes every ounce of effort for him to stay in the relationship - and not let the pinch of your heart shut you down?

Can you tell your boyfriend how powerless you feel? How weak? How ugly? How disgusting? How ashamed?

Can you watch your amazing date tell you he hopes you two will be exclusive, then go behind your back saying the opposite - and still believe in men?

Can you discover your (former) friend sabotaged you chances with Mr. Potential - and when you let her go, thank her silently for showing you the truth?

Are you ready to sit with pain in your heart and not a single assurance that you still have a relationship - without losing hope?

Are you ready to hurt so bad, you wonder who you are, to feel so lost you cry every day, to show up broken and realize you're actually strong?

The answer is No.

No one is ready. That's like saying you're ready for children or marriage. 

You are ready to meet the one, yes, that you can know in your soul's bones. But not for surrender. Not for the tenderness, the ache. The tearing, the shakes.

Not for the cracking of your eggshell body that can no longer contain the light of your new, bigger soul.

Let it break. Let surrender bring you to your knees.

Then come out the other side and realize you were holding on to nothing but whispered myths.

Let yourself. Go.

You're waiting.

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