How Surrendering Gave Me Everything I Ever Wanted

This is me 10 years ago:

(c) 2014 Sophia Chang

(c) 2014 Sophia Chang

A model.

magna cum laude Harvard grad.

Appearing on billboards in every major city.

My commercials running during Friends and every primetime network show.

Taking lunch on the beach on a Wednesday.

Chatting with celebrities at nightclubs until dawn.

Unable to get a committed boyfriend even if I paid for one.

What was wrong?

No, I'm not one of those Independent Women who opens my own doors, Beyonce soundtrack blaring. I've always been a relationship girl: my goal in life to meet and marry my soulmate.

Instead, I had one turbulent failed relationship after another. I'm talking pan-throwing, wall-punching, labia-scraping (don't ask, freak accident) turbulent.

I went through therapy. Liked it so much I even went to grad school for Marriage & Family Therapy. (Hey, I don't fuck around.)

Went to coach training.

Went on eHarmony.

I got closer and closer - men wanted to marry me. Men wanted to house me. Men put me on their health insurance.

But I was still stuck in relationship purgatory. I'd meet soulmate types who were expressive and warm...and in $30,000 of debt. Or high school dropouts/former methheads.

I'd meet strong Asian guys with good jobs who were takey-carey and stable...and I spent the entire relationship one foot out, looking for the escape button.

One day I discovered the secret.

I gave it all up.

Everything I thought was important.



Focusing on others.




The idea that I had to prove myself in business because being a good wife was a lame goal.

I learned to


And it gave me everything I ever wanted. At last.

  • I manifested the love of my life in 4 weeks #singlelove
  • He was every impossible thing I asked for - with extras thrown in (#slaymewithdimples) 
  • I healed the trauma from my abusive childhood
  • I made my first $10K month
  • Six months after starting my business, I stopped having a boss forever #bosslady
  • I have the self-love and acceptance I never dreamed I'd gain

It took two years to make the transition. Hopefully it won't take you that long to surrender to YOUR power. I'm trying to speed it up for you.

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What surrender is NOT:

  • making a wish "to the Universe" and sitting back to do nothing
  • being somebody you're not to lure a guy/girl
  • giving up your power and autonomy
  • being a victim or letting others trample all over you
  • giving up standards of good behavior
  • anti-feminist/overreligious/political
  • giving up on your dreams - in fact surrender is the ONLY way to get ALL your dreams!

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You can ask me how surrender will get you any of the following:

See you at your destiny.


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