All Your Sex & Relationship Problems in One Word

I recently found a Renegade Chicks article about G-spot surgical enlargement. I'm done. This is the kind of cultural retardation that makes me wonder if I can actually make a difference. I'm only one person!

But I'm a force of nature, so I'll tackle the issue.

Plastic surgery. Diet/erection/libido/anything pills. The Game/The Neg/any get-laid-quick scheme.

Marrying and divorcing as often as you trim your nails.

Paying for sex/intimacy/conversation/anything that humans are wired to do for free.

It all comes down to one thing.


There. You can save thousands in therapy bills now. 

You don't want to do the work.

You don't want to read the book, take the workshop, be loving when your spouse isn't, make the change, let down your guard, face the terror of vulnerability, recover from your hurt and forgive, or practice the new way of communicating.

And you've got some great reasons why:

It's too hard.

It's not natural.

It feels weird/wrong/awkward/stupid.

I don't talk like that.

I don't think like that.

That's not how/who I am.


Pardon me while I wipe tears of pained laughter.

If you had even a fraction of the childhood I had with my manic #tigermom and emotionless Chinese dad, you know that none of us were raised with perfect - hell, even passable relationship skills.

Half the "good person" actions we take are course corrections we made after we 

  1. lost the love of our lives
  2. had someone close to us die
  3. almost died ourselves
  4. some other traumatic/jarring/abandoning event where we either lost something or royally screwed our lives up

Be honest. You only changed because it got so bad you had no choice.

It was change or just give up now.

You're reading this. So you didn't give up.

So take that next step. 

1) Admit you're lazy

It's fine. We're all lazy. It's tiring just to get out of bed and I'm my own #bosslady!

2) Make the choice 

Lazy or change.

Close or open.

Grudge or forgive.

Get the surgery - or learn how your G-spot actually works.


Or don't.

Doesn't matter to me what you pick.

But if it does to you - make a choice and make it now.

Ready to choose change and face yourself? It won't be unicorns pooping rainbows but I'll show you how to make change sexy and fun - enter THE ABYSS.

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