Women DO Love Assholes - But Not for Why You Think

Photo credit: Megan Pangan

Photo credit: Megan Pangan

This is for the ladies who love the bad boys.

Who've stayed too long with unavailable men because the sex was damn good. (Hand raise.)

And yes, fellas who can't get away from crazy chicks, you're included too.

I want you to know:

You're on to something.

What We Need to Learn From Douchebags

Okay, before you stop your therapy sessions and go running back to that sexy motherfucker who made you feel 10 ways wrong in the best way, let me explain.

Ignore for a moment the complete wreck emotionally unavailable people make of your lives. If we distill down to just the characteristics that make these narcissists so irresistible, we get:

  • driven by the need to please only themselves (hedonism)
  • impulsive (spontaneous)
  • changes by mood (unreliable)
  • concerned with appearance and grooming (physically appealing)
  • doesn't need you...until they do (independence/avoidance)

What we have is an array of traits found in celebrities and children - both acclaimed for being free, out there, unrestrained, charismatic, and completely internally guided. (Not celebrities for the last one.)

Free. Out there. Unrestrained. Charismatic. Completely internally guided.

Sounds suspiciously like the sales page of every life coach promising transformation.

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Are You Getting it Now?

If not, let me spell it out:

Part of what hurts so much when sociopaths act like this is the blatant reminder of how we're NOT. We're so busy playing by the rules and trying to be a nice person that we lost our ability to think for ourselves. To be our naturally unrestrained, free selves.

Assholes don't ask to kiss you. They wait until THEY feel like it, until you're trembling for their touch. Then they go for it. Then they pull back and watch you lose your mind.

Admit it. Before the bottom drops out, it's fun, isn't it?

Because guess what? GOING FOR IT IS SEXY. 

Yes, players caricature this aspect and abuse this power. But I expect you readers to understand nuance enough not to take it to that extreme. You CAN be responsible and compassionate, AND alive and in touch with your power core at the same time.

How? Let's HAVE A CHAT

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