How to Survive Mercury Retrograde - and a Giveaway!

Are people annoying you right now?

It's because people are annoying. But particularly so now, as Mercury is in shadow period preparing to retrograde.

For those of you confused by this witch talk, I'll let this astro website explain. Just know it means "Shit is crazy, electronics don't work, and I hate everybody."

For the rest of you woos - don't you just hate everybody right now? And doesn't it seem like Mercury is ALWAYS in some kind of fuck you pattern?

Well the Universe won't make us its bitch this time! I've got a solution for you:

Let the Fucks Be Not Given


Mercury Rx in general heightens intuition and urges us to examine our decisions carefully.

This particular Rx gives us a boost in the independent thinking territory, making it an especially ideal time to release what we don't need.

Yes. We survive by giving No Fucks away.

Because there are so many more-fucked than us who could use them.

Join the movement by hashtagging #nofucksgiveaway on Instagram and Facebook, and leave a comment below telling us what fucks you won't be giving for the next 4 weeks.

No Fucks Giveaway

Give me your fucks and I'll give you a reading!

Using a creepy combination of astrology and oracle cards, I will show you where you most need to give up the fucks. Or if you already know WHAT but aren't sure HOW, ask away. These stars are Shakira's hips.

Update: the giveaway is over, but if you would like an astro + oracle reading, you can get the Mercury Retrograde SALE HERE.

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