Surrendered Woman

The Intimacy of Heartbreak

Photo by Megan Pangan

Photo by Megan Pangan

Written exactly one year ago on my Facebook page:

Sorrow is the quickest way to bring you to your knees, so that you may see yourself mirrored in the river more closely.

It's like relationships are the crucible, breakups are the awakening, and the grief that follows is your reflection shone back to you.

Welcome the intimacy that pain brings, and the grace.

What Surrender Really Looks Like

Are you ready to sit with pain in your heart and not a single assurance that you still have a relationship - without losing hope?

Are you willing to surrender every shred of your ego in the name of love?

Are you ready to hurt so bad, you wonder who you are, to feel so lost you cry every day, to show up broken and realize you're actually strong?

The answer is No.

How Surrendering Gave Me Everything I Ever Wanted

No, I'm not one of those Independent Women who opens my own doors to a Beyonce soundtrack. I've always been a relationship girl: my goal in life to meet and marry my soulmate.

Instead, I had one turbulent failed relationship after another. I'm talking pan-throwing, wall-punching, labia-tearing (don't ask) turbulent.