Are Extreme Fantasies Safe?

Genderqueer dom Sinclair Sexsmith of Sugarbutch interviewed me on mental health and kink - WATCH IT BELOW to hear the biophysical basis basis for healing in kinky sex and how your sacral chakra can give your life oomph from the bedroom into the outer world:

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All Your Sex & Relationship Problems in One Word

Plastic surgery. Diet/erection/libido/anything pills. The Game/The Neg/any get-laid-quick scheme.

Marrying and divorcing as often as you trim your nails.

Paying for sex/intimacy/conversation/anything that humans are wired to do for free.

It all comes down to one thing.


There. You can save thousands in therapy bills now. 

How Surrendering Gave Me Everything I Ever Wanted

No, I'm not one of those Independent Women who opens my own doors to a Beyonce soundtrack. I've always been a relationship girl: my goal in life to meet and marry my soulmate.

Instead, I had one turbulent failed relationship after another. I'm talking pan-throwing, wall-punching, labia-tearing (don't ask) turbulent.

Sophia's Radio Debut as the Orgasm Expert


Update: here's the recording!

We talk everything from the spirituality of orgasms to vibrating iPhone apps:

The moment my Chinese parents dreaded has arrived - I'm once more talking about bodily functions in public!

If you have any questions about orgasms, their healing power, and their myths for women, call in tomorrow (Tuesday 3/25) live on air as I make my radio debut as the orgasm expert!

The Passion Zone: Orgasmic Meditation with Sophia Chang

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