I can't get over my past.

I feel undeserving of the money I have -

and guilty for wanting more.

(I do this with my relationships too.)

How can I relax and receive?

Photo credit: Megan Pangan

Photo credit: Megan Pangan

The Experiment is a 30 day group party program that helps you relax your hold on the past, have fun, and raise your financial vibrations.

We’re not going to solve all your problems but we’ll definitely get you laid better, laughing more, and practicing better relationships (psst - this totally leads to more money).

What’s happened to people who have worked with Sophia:

  •  you can’t even text your best friend because you’re having so much hot sex (8 times enough?) 
  • classy gentlemen take you out on dates and pay for your valet, treat your kids well, and make you hot 
  • launch your brand new business and make $9,000 in one week. 
  • break up with the useless guy who’s stringing you along and buy your ticket to Italy already 
  • get a bevy of job offers at your door 
  • reduce the anxiety attached to that traumatic memory that haunts you
  • cure the back ache that months of physical therapy couldn't fix.
After joining this group, I have way more self-acceptance and self-understanding, which includes confidence. I look people in the eye. I stand up straighter. I’m not a deer in headlights when a stranger speaks to me. I trust myself and listen to my gut/feelings more, which makes me feel at ease and free.
— Jennifer Nguyen

Enrollment for the Class of 2014 is now CLOSED! Sign up below to GET ON THE LIST for the Fall 2015 Semester:

What happens once you click the buy now button: 

  • Pay via Stripe (if you need Paypal, click here to request a Paypal invoice.)
  • Receive your welcome pack within 24 hours via your email address used with Stripe. (Make sure to add a better one in the instructions to seller if you need to.) 
  • Workshop starts on November 14th and ends on December 13th. 
  • Late enrollment closes Nov. 17th

What you get: 

  •  4 themed challenges (one per week with multiple tier options for your bravery level) 

  • Private Facebook group for 24-hour access to your party cohort

  • 4 x 60-minute group calls with live, individual coaching opportunities

  • Personal support from me - I’m there every day in the FB group answering your questions

  • Bonus surprises and free raffles throughout The Experiment for card readings, private sessions, chart drawings and other extras!

Sophia Chang has such a wonderful gift to “see” so much and she uses her energy to laser point items to a resolution.

I met tons of amazing women who were fun to work with and we all shared our most vulnerable secrets and fears. That in and of itself gave me more confidence and respect for myself and everyone in this group.

I loved all the things we did in The Experiment! Some pushed me further than I ever pushed myself in the past. This was awesome.
— Peggy DaValt

Enrollment for the Class of 2014 is now CLOSED! Sign up below to GET ON THE LIST for the Fall 2015 Semester:

Why am I doing this? Because I've been there.

This is me 10 years ago:

(c) 2015 Sophia Chang

(c) 2015 Sophia Chang

magna cum laude Harvard grad.

The first iPod silhouette model in the world.

Appearing on TV every night, billboards in every major city.

As a Hollywood actor, I was no stranger to the feast-famine cycle:

I earned a year's income working one day as the Tampax girl.

Only to have my manager embezzle $6000 of my royalties.

I've lived on the Upper East Side, wearing Stella McCartney, and behind window bars next to The Bronx, setting mouse traps. 

I've been proud of what I created as a dancer, a writer, an entrepreneur - only to come face to face with a classmate's brand new million dollar home, signed before her St. Bart's vacation tan faded.

I wanted to feel good about my money all the time, but when the Facebook fugue hit, I felt like the troll who didn't get invited to the pretty party.

Until I discovered the secret. The one thing that was always fun to me - held the key

Money comes when you come™

I stopped chasing what wasn't meant to be. I started following what I already had.

And it gave me everything I ever wanted. At last.

  • My first $10K month
  • Men who treated me like a queen and wanted to marry me
  • Learning to say no
  • Healing the trauma from my abusive childhood
  • True friends across the map I can turn to at any hour
  • A deepening Orgasmic Meditation practice 
  • This #bosslady lifestyle working for myself, traveling every month, wearing...well, nothing if I want
  • The self-love and acceptance I never dreamed I'd gain

It took years to learn the secret. With The Experiment, it won't take you that long.

The Experiment taught me how to be more in my feminine energy and that pampering myself is an important part of the money flow. I learned not be afraid of myself and the lofty goals and dreams I have. Amazing!
— Nicole Zaagman

Sex AND money.

Freedom is not having to choose.

The Experiment helped me feel more in control when it comes to how I approach the male sex - I’m now okay with being sexy and flirty.
Sophia is awesome!
— Julie Segel

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Sophia rocked my world in 30 days and I never stick to any online platform!

I am more open to abundance and I am more confident in a centered, assured and grounded manner. She’s a genius!
— Kelly A., Boston, USA