No Fucks Given Astro + Oracle Reading


No Fucks Given Astro + Oracle Reading

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Are you giving too many fucks? Let me help you let them go. Because there are too many under-fucked out there for you to hold on to them all!

You get: 

  • Your choice of issue to work with

  • Astrological chart interpretation of the specific planets connected with your chosen issue

  • Full oracle card reading on HOW to let go of your particular fucks

  • Audio recording of your reading with my intuitive coaching recommendations

  • Photograph of the beautiful cards chosen just for you

I felt so instantly connected to your reading. There was an almost audible click (I am clairaudient and often hear it when things are in flow). I have listened to it like 4-5 times already. - Tiffani Keaton

Are you stuck in love? Are you stuck in business? Do you wish you could love you more? Do you wish you could grab that abundance that is yours? For 2015, I suggest that you work with Sophia Chang, an extraordinary young spiritual, entrepreneur. She helped me to call on my spirit guides, especially the archangel Raziel (who I learned about from Sophia - and I'm pretty good on my archangels) and he helped me to feel safe and protected. I received the insight to realize that I need to love me more and that I need to protect that little girl who needed me to love her. I, then, can call on Archangel Raziel to help me. Truly a win-win for me!!- Peggy DaValt
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