Money comes when you come™

My family's savings were wiped out by divorce and the stock market crash.

In Hollywood, my manager stole $6000 of my royalties as the Tampax girl.

My father still calls me lazy to this day.


We all got money stories.




Spend a month learning how your biggest moneymaker is right there inside you.

We're flirting our way through November.

Sex up your life - and your money.

Are you ready to come?


Week 1: The Daily Flirt

Week 2: Week of Desire

Week 3: Lusty Reads - Astro(logically) Gliding to Financial Freedom

Week 4: Tattoo Your Love


You're in the right place.

It's time to talk about your sex, your money - and the connection.

Whether you can't get enough


you feel squeamish, ashamed, or awkward

I've got something for you.

Welcome home.



Sex. Commitment. Love.

Money. Power. Fortune.

Don't choose - surrender to all.