I came to Sophia when I was at the bottom of my deep end. I hated where I was mentally, financially and career-wise. I had piercing, near-paralyzing back and hip pain. I spent four months and hundreds of dollars on a chiropractor and acupuncturist and then a physical therapist. It wouldn’t let up.

I kid you not, after my first session with Sophia, my back/hip pain was completely GONE. We went DEEP. Like, I didn’t realize how deep it could get, yet how simple and easy it was. I embarrassingly cried. Then I began to heal.

I would feel more empowered every time. She showed me the tools to embrace my quirkiness, learn how to put myself first, opened my brain to a new way of being, and know that I deserve every possibility. I have never felt more confident and happy in my life than I do now and I know that it will get even better. A million times thank you, Sophia!
— Jenn, Los Angeles

"I've never had a real relationship."

"I got screwed over again."

"I can't stop being so irrational."


Women tell me their stories. Because they know I've been through it: 

I know what it's like to hurt so much there is nothing else but the hurt. 

They come to me because I know how to heal.

In a time I never thought I could. I never stopped fighting.

Let me fight for you.

I see you.

You can do this.

I’d been single for 5 years when I hired Sophia. I was generally ok but at some point I realised that I find it difficult to connect with someone. In just 3 sessions we worked through some of my issues and quickly after, I got into a relationship! For the first time, I’m not worried or scared - Sophia helped me get rid of my fear. Six months later the tangible results are still here - I’m happy, I have a new job and a sexy man!
— Ana, Brazil

Storylove: 90 Days of Healing

We're going to sit down for a proverbial meal, because everything to a Chinese AND hypoglycemic girl is better with food. (If we happen to be in the same city, this will be an actual meal. LIKE FOR REAL.)

You're going to tell me your stories.

You'll feel all the feels.

And I'll show you what to do with them.

The overwhelm of anger, then feeling like you shouldn't be angry, then being upset that you can't control your feelings, and you're just too goddamn much and who will ever love you?

You're not too much.

And I will show you what that love is.

Give me your stories. I'll hold them here in my fire.

You're safe now.

You will heal.

You'll be okay.

How do we start?

With an Introductory Session for NEW CLIENTS ONLY:

In my first 1 x 1 session with Sophia, she helped me to call on my spirit guides, especially the archangel Raziel (who I learned about from Sophia - and I’m pretty good on my archangels) and he helped me to feel safe and protected. Sophia did a very intense guided meditation for me that took me back to a troubling time in my childhood and she worked with me during that session with compassion, professionalism and love. That helped me tremendously to realize that I need to love me more and that I need to protect that little girl who needed me to love her. I, then, can call on Archangel Raziel to help me. Truly a win-win for me!!

Sophia is Harvard-educated, but life-experienced. You will love her style, her candor and her energy. Book an appointment with her now. It’ll be the best thing you will do for yourself in 2015!!
— Peggy DaValt
Remember when I sent you my list and I said it was WAYYYYY too long, and I was being greedy and picky, and there was no way a guy could actually have all of those traits? Turns out it IS possible — my boyfriend has everything on my list, plus a bunch of bonuses I wanted but talked myself out of putting on the list because I thought I was already asking for too much - until you helped me!
Just wanted to say thanks for telling me it wasn’t too much to ask for, and for being a great coach and advocate along the way. Never used to believe in soul mates, but I do now.
A year later - we’re living together and happier than ever!
Thanks, Sophia! <3
— Linda T., Taipei, Taiwan