It’s a whole different life after working with Sophia! I trust her, she’s non-judgmental and it was so helpful to have a different viewpoint that was eye-opening. She helped me find who I am and get back to that natural peace. I don’t have to chase people that can’t be bothered and I love myself again. It’s truly liberating. This was the best decision. I’M HAPPIER THAN EVER!
— Johnita, Texas

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With her knowing, reassuring confidence, Sophia made me feel safe to speak. The questions she asked were so thought provoking – they left with me valuable insights to my most difficult feelings from being insulted in my relationship to objectified when it comes to my own sexual freedom. She planted the seed for me to really think about those feelings and specifically where they originate from.
— Dani Clark, CA

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I also speak, lead workshops, and moderate panels for conferences, college groups, and any size gathering of women.

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Since becoming single again in my 30’s and realising I’m actually a lovely, strong and kind hearted woman... I still wanted to know why I am unable to find the guy I want?

Sophia went through interesting aspects of what can happen on dates but also brought to my attention what type of guy I would like to attract and how. It’s nice hearing other women have been through the same experiences as me. I walked away feeling confident and knowledgeable enough to not let my past experiences ruin my next experience with a potential partner. I highly recommend working with Sophia because of her passion in wanting to share this priceless knowledge with us!
— — Janelle, Qld, Aust.